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seoiQ_Suchmaschinenoptimierung SEO For long-term success in the Internet

search engine optimization (SEO) is one because of the high range, the low scattering loss and a relatively low cost to the most efficient Marketing measures at all, and is therefore often the decisive competitive advantage.

In search of the greatest importance in the first 5-10 positions in the natural search results. For 60-100% of the attention – and thus a majority of the visitors to Websites, the erscheinen1 on the first five places in the natural search results. Placements from the second page of results on Google to be observed, however, only a little.

SEO is contraindicated in AdWords

The most cost-intensive Google AdWords – Ads above and below the natural search results receive relatively little attention: Thus, for example, is the fifth AdWords – Position only 10% of the search wahrgenommen1. By placing your Website in relevant search terms in the Top 5-10 by means of a search engine optimization, you can reach a targeted and extremely efficient customer address.

SEO with seo|iQ

We have specialized since 2001 to search engine optimization and several hundred customer projects successfully implemented. Through our many years of experience in the highly competitive environment, we have the Know-how to your Website for relevant search keywords at Google & co. in the Top 10 and keep it there for the long term – even if your competition is in the course of the years.


We offer you fair conditions and guarantee the success of our optimization measures.


Our Team created a customized optimization concept based on a comprehensive site analysis and Keyword Research.

15 years of experience

In the optimization of your Website, the Know-how from over 15 years of experience in the area of search engine optimization.

Our advantages in the field of SEO

15 years of experience in the highly competitive area of

Fair conditions with a 100% money-back-guarantee

Individually to your site with tailored SEO strategy

High level of transparency through detailed reporting

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